Desert Week 2012

Monday, 9th July 2012 by

This week, the always-much-more-interesting-than-it-sounds desert week returns – even later than it did last year (although here at Google Sightseeing we prefer to simply think that our years are slightly longer than yours).

However, once again we've been scouring the planet to bring you a week of posts devoted to the most fascinating sights to be found in places that are defined by their lack of any significant volume of precipitation!

If you're already giddy with excitement at the thought of all these posts about deserts, be sure to check out our many previous desert week articles, which feature some of the most fascinating places on earth. Until then, why not enjoy the posts we featured in previous years:

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Of course, we've got loads of other posts on the site featuring deserts, but if there’s somewhere that you’d like to see featured this week, why not send us your suggestions and we'll tweet the best submissions.