Boneyard, Tucson

Thursday, 7th April 2005 by

Wow - there are a LOT of planes in Pima Air & Space Museum. It looks like they've got at least 10 of each plane, all laid out in very neat rows. Also of note is the plane scrapheap - they should do an episode of Scrapheap Challenge there. (Via)

Planes1 Planes2

Update: From the comments David points out these pictures aren't actually from Pima Air & Space Museum (which looks like this).

This is actually the "boneyard" of the US military at Davis Monthan Air Force Base. It's refered to as the world's largest air force, as there are more planes parked here in various states of disrepair, destruction or stasis to out number any active air force in the world, including the Pima Air and Space is just next door but, while incredibly cool, does not have nearly as many airplanes. There are monthly tours available through the base's boneyard.

and Yorkie points us to a collection of ground level shots.