The Gateway Arch, St. Louis

Saturday, 9th April 2005 by

A very popular submission has been the The Gateway Arch or rather it's massive shadow, 'raydancer' notes that is it the tallest national monument is the United States at 630 feet and is just as wide. If you look West a bit you'll find the first of our new category, Stadiums (we've got loads to post!). It's apparently the Busch Stadium (St. Louis Cardinals), although one submitter noted that it is due to be demolished.

"caknuck" also points out the comparison of the highly-developed downtown with the heavily-industrialized & much-poorer East St. Louis, Illinois directly across the river. Finally, "Moxie Dan" points out the Anheuser Busch brewery (the largest beer brewery in the world) is just to the south.

The Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri