Pinal Airpark & Silverbell Heliport

Sunday, 29th May 2005 by

Pinal Airpark was originally built in 1942 as a WW2 Army Airfield and was known as Marana Army Airfield. It later became the headquarters of all CIA air operations during the Vietnam War years.

Today, the primary occupant of the field is Evergreen Air Center who offer various maintenance services for planes (look for the large hangar capable of completely enclosing a 747). Evergreen also serves as "the world's largest storage facility for non-military aircraft", with a total capacity of 300 aircraft (including 747's, DC-10's, etc.). Marc Borom's site has some ground level shots of the various planes stored here.

Pinal Airpark

Just a little to the north of Pinal Airpark is Silverbell Army Heliport, the location of the Western Army National Guard Aviation Training Site.