Mystery Plane Crash

Friday, 26th January 2007 by

Deep in the Mojave desert, there's some sort of aircraft which looks as if it crashed and was left to rot. So how did it come to be here?


There's a military airfield to the east, Camp Wilson, so it's possible the aircraft came from there - but why would they just leave it in the middle of the desert?

Of interest is that this location is very close to (that famed magnet of extra-terrestrial activity) Giant Rock. There's even more airstrips just south east of the crash site at Outlying Field Seagle, where two of the strips are abandoned but apparently the third is still in operation. Most interestingly, the Xs at each end of the runway indicates that no-one should try to land here, as it's used exclusively by unmanned aircraft...


Thanks to Shane McGillacutty.