Mystery Plane Outline

Monday, 10th September 2007 by

Here at the King Khaled Airport in Saudi Arabia, a little way away from the main terminal, there's a mysterious and unexplained outline of a plane marked out on the desert sand.

The shape is similar in size and dimensions to the four-engine Boeing 747; perhaps one was used as a fire training aircraft and since removed? If so, then where did it go, and how did they remove it without disturbing the outline?

Looking closer, is it possible that the plane shape is actually marked by some sort of plant life? Perhaps the brown dots that litter the landscape are shrubs and for some reason they have sprouted up where a plane used to stand.

This was found by diane9247 at the Keyhole forums - where despite extensive discussion and an actual email to King Khaled Airport - they're still no closer to proving what this really is!

Anybody got any other suggestions?