Anti-Gravity Cars

Wednesday, 12th September 2007 by

Look closely at the car park of BMW's headquarters and you'll see that there's a Mini parked on the wall. Even more bizarrely, this isn't even unusual: we've found gravity-defying Mini parking before!

You may also remember that early last year there was a lot of press about a possible flying car found in Google Earth, with much debate on whether or not it was just a visual illusion involving a black car parked next to a white one.

So it's with much excitement that I present a car which nobody can doubt is capable of flight - it's got giant golden wings!

The "Golden Bird" as it's known is a winged Ford Fiesta which is, much to my disappointment, a static sculpture marking the entrance to Cologne city museum1. So I guess we've still not found a conclusive flying car.

Of course any car that's thinking about taking to the sky should beware: outside this Volkswagen garage in Nuremberg they've actually impaled this poor car as a warning to others who might try to escape! Maybe this explains why flying cars are so hard to find?

Thanks to Felippo and KugelErde

  1. The artwork was made my German artist HA Schult, who is most famous for his work with Trash people↩︎