Wow! That’s a LOT of cars!

Friday, 18th June 2010 by

Check out all of these white cars parked on an airfield in Green Cove Springs, Florida! GSS reader Jon who sent us this sight thought the all-white cars might be hidden UN vehicles stashed behind trees at a US airbase.

Lots of cars!

The cars are actually a shipment of new imported Kias being stored at a unused section of an old Naval Air Station, and the white colour is due to the protective plastic wrap the cars are covered with on their way to the retailers. Despite the rational explanation, that's still a LOT of cars to cover two 5,000 ft runways!


In some places, the cars are parked in very neat and tidy rows, and in other locations you'll find gaps and holes in the formation. How do you think they got the middle car out?

Compact packing Gaps and Holes

The facility itself was once called Naval Air Station Green Cove Springs (Lee Field). The base was decommissioned in 1960, and today aviation sectional charts mark the site as a private field called Reynolds Airpark. Only one of the original naval base runways remains in use.

Sectional Runway

It’s pretty cool to see thousands and thousands of cars lined up somewhere, so here are a couple of other places that do this as well. Outside of Portland, Oregon you'll find a storage yard for imported vehicles, and outside of Warwick, Rhode Island a large group of cars can be seen stacked by the ports.

Portland Warwick

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Thanks again to Jon for the link!