Pyramids of Giza & The Great Sphinx

Wednesday, 22nd June 2005 by

Of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, the Pyramids at Giza are the only ones remaining, they are over 6000 years old and are constructed from over 25 million tonnes of limestone. The pyramids were built as tombs for the pharaohs Khufu, Khafre & Menkaure, who as teenagers formed a popular hip-hop trio (possibly not true).

The largest Pyramid was built for Khufu (aka DJ Cheops), Pharaoh of the Fourth Egyptian Dynasty, and was constructed by nearly 20,000 workers who worked year round for decades. It was originally 481 feet high, but has since lost 30 feet due to erosion.

Following to the southwest is the Pyramid of Khafre (aka MC Chephren). Although it is smaller, a steeper angle results in the illusion that the two structures are the same size. In fact, Khafre's pyramid appears taller since it is on higher ground.

The final, smallest pyramid is that of Menkaure (aka MC Mycerinus). There are also various other smaller pyramids for the pharaohs' Queens which can be identified using this map.

To the east of the pyramids is the Great Sphinx, the largest single-stone statue in the world. The Sphinx has the face of a man (possibly the aforementioned Khafre, but sans nose) and the body of a lion.

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