The Great White Pyramid of China

Monday, 20th August 2007 by

Legend tells us that near the city of Xi'an, China, there lies a gigantic white pyramid - far larger than any Egyptian pyramid - that has remained undiscovered for millennia. The story goes that this pyramid is encased in "pure shimmering stone" and "capped with an enormous jewel"...

Despite decades of denial by archaeologists and bureaucrats, the surprising truth of the matter is that whilst no white pyramid has so far been found here - there are pyramids in China!

Believed to be the burial places of various emperors and generals, there are loads1 of these tombs scattered all over this plain. They range in size from relatively tiny to rivaling the Great pyramid of Giza in terms of footprint (although even the largest is only around one third the height of Giza's largest).

Surprisingly, it took until 1994 before these monuments were widely publicised, when German author Hartwig Hausdorf published his book Die Weisse Pyramide, in which he told the story of trying to find the mysterious White Pyramid for himself.

There is a short Wikipedia page on the Chinese Pyramids, but for a really thorough examination of the myth surrounding these monuments, read the report at which includes some ground level shots.

Thanks to Christoph Hoflack and Simon Brennan.

  1. Despite hours of research, I still can't work out exactly how many of these pyramids the are - and reports range between 20 and 100. How many can you find? ↩︎