Tuesday, 21st August 2007 by

Written on the ground beside the runway of an old World War 2 airfield is the most bizarre large type yet: "Garlic?!".

This airfield used to be RAF Hibaldstow, which has been inactive since 1947. Currently the site is used by a skydiving school, so I contacted them to ask if they've branched out into selling foodstuffs.

The person I spoke to explained that they were not in the garlic business, and what we are actually looking at is about 10,000 abandoned tyres that used to be stored to the South of the runway.

The tyres were frequently arranged into various messages for the landing parachutists and, more often than not, the message was something rude.

She couldn't guess why the tyres spelled out "Garlic?!" on the day this aerial photo was taken, but said that we're lucky it wasn't something less "family friendly"!

Thanks: Neil Bradley & Target Skysports