Fernsehturm, Berlin

Thursday, 28th July 2005 by

The Fernsehturm (literally, "TV tower") was built in 1969 and features a revolving cafe and observation deck. Aside from the obvious function of providing TV and radio signals for the city the underlying motivation for the tower was to create a powerful political symbol in East Germany that could be seen by the West.

The buildings around the tower appear to be in the shape of an aeroplane, but I couldn't find anything saying if this was intentional or not. Also look for the tower's large shadow extending to the North, the train station 'Alexanderplatz' just to the east and the orange roofed church St. Marien to the west .

Thanks: Matt Sauer, Pat Rafferty, Roland, Kristian, DJ Swammi, Henryk Plötz, Markus