Powers of Ten

Friday, 22nd July 2005 by

Back in 1977, Charles and Ray Eames made a short movie entitled 'Powers of Ten', which Wikipedia describes like this:

It begins with a couple picnicking in a park; the view is that of one meter across. The viewpoint then slowly zooms out to a view ten meters across. The zoom-out continues, to a view of 100 meters, then 1 kilometer, and so on, increasing the perspective and continuing to zoom out to a field of view which is 1026 meters, or the size of the observable universe.

Anyway, this is the spot in Chicago where the film began (although it doesn't look quite the same these days), so you can re-create a bit of the film yourselves 🙂 (Here's a still from the film showing the starting point, and there's lots of info on the official site).

You can also watch the whole film on Google Video.

Powers of 10

Thanks to Mark Eichin.