Sony Bravia Estate

Friday, 20th October 2006 by

It's not often we would get to post about a council estate in Scotland, but this particular estate in Toryglen, Glasgow was the location for the latest Sony Bravia advert, which features huge quantities of paint exploding from the high-rise in our thumbnail.


The video was directed by Jonathan Glazer (who also directed the awesome Virtual Insanity video for Jamiroquai), and it took 250 people 10 days to film. It also took 60 people 5 days to clean up the mess afterwards.

I hope the residents of this estate were paid well - as I wouldn't have thought many people who live here would be able to afford one of Sony's TVs otherwise*.

* A little clarification seems to be required here - this comment was meant to reflect upon the overpricing of Sony products rather than the financial status of any of Toryglen's residents. Apologies if any offence was caused.

Thanks to Nick Miners.