Most Convincingly-Real Whales Ever

Tuesday, 18th December 2007 by

In the past we've posted several people's submissions of what they thought were whales, which might have been captured on the satellite imagery of Google Earth whilst nearing the surface of the open sea.

In most cases however, our ever-attentive readers have presented compelling evidence that these submissions couldn't actually be whales.

So when Rick Edwards directed us just west of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to see two separate pods of three whales, you could imagine we would be a little sceptical. However, the apparent visibility of tailfins on the larger 'whales' piqued our interest somewhat...

We pressed a little further, checking possible species, sizes, breeding patterns and migratory behaviour, and... well, we wouldn't have posted it if we didn't think there was a strong possibility this could be the only definite sighting of whales out at sea1 on the whole of Google Earth.

  1. The only other possibly real sighting of whales was in very shallow waters by the shore - the chances of finding whales further out at sea is far smaller. ↩︎