The Real First & Largest Logo Visible From Space

Wednesday, 15th November 2006 by

First it got Dugg, and then it got Slashdotted - but the fact remains that the enormous KFC logo recently constructed in Nevada is not the first logo (or brand) visible from space. In fact, it's debatable whether or not it's even really visible from space at all (See the introduction to our book for a more complete examination of this argument). Either way, KFC's big logo isn't actually that big.1

Now this Readymix logo in the Australian desert is big. Really big.2 It's 3.2km across, and 1.6km high - and come to think of it, it's been there since 1965, so probably qualifies as the first logo visible from space, and it's possible that this was the first logo constructed specifically for that purpose too.

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1) It is however an excellent example of big business beginning to try to cash in on the online satellite imagery phenomenon. However I seriously doubt that the image will ever appear on Google Earth or Maps, as to the best of my knowledge, Google don't currently buy any imagery from GeoEye, the only company who have definitely captured a photo of the giant KFC logo.

2) However, even the Readymix writing is nowhere near the world's largest text.

Thanks to the (ever awesome) Keyhole users.