Google Street View uncovers death, idiocy, incompetence and supernatural powers

Wednesday, 18th August 2010 by

Last week newspaper websites across the world published a story about a young girl who appeared to be lying dead on the pavement of an English street, proving that the worldwide fascination with Google Street View continues unabated.

Fortunately the girl, who must have been slightly taken aback when the world's media1 turned up at her door asking if she was dead, was in fact perfectly all right.

A fact that any of the reporters could have been assured of if they'd moved down the street one step, from where you can see the girl is clearly playing with a friend.

Perhaps this will spark a new trend however, as presented with the Google car, some less playful people continue to get up to their old tricks

As Google's cars have covered even more ground around the world, there have been some interesting things to learn about the human condition. For example, apparently some girls are rather adept at something the world's men thought they had all to themselves.

Although it does appear that not all women have mastered the art of peeing standing up quite yet.

Not to be outdone, men have gone one step further and LEARNED TO FLY. Yes ladies, you heard us right. (Although we can only do it momentarily, and it helps to be over a deep bit of water).

We hope that wider knowledge of Street View provokes more interesting responses from people when they see the car - there was another media frenzy recently when someone was spotted multiple times on the streets of Aberdeen, wearing a horse's head. Suspiciously the images have all been removed now, so instead here's a real horse, wandering through traffic on the way to the local Tesco.

Of course, if we all started lying down in the street, or donning interesting masks at the first sign of an approaching camera then, in an attempt to keep the controversy alive, the international press will have to start making up stories about politician's homes being removed from Google's services.

Sorry, I forgot, we debunked that particular story the week before last.

So have you been captured on Street View?2 What did you do? And if you haven't yet, what do you plan to do to gain international notoriety when your time finally comes?

  1. Or one reporter at the very least ↩︎

  2. One of this site's authors chased the camera car around Ostend for an hour trying to get seen, but as yet the images have not been released. ↩︎