Fictitious Characters Come to Life on Google Street View

Friday, 17th April 2009 by

When Google were recording their recently launched UK and Netherlands Street View imagery, a small team of crack-commandos cosplayers were tasked with leaving behind some highly recognisable British icons for the public to find.

The most famous of these was of course the widely publicised Wally from Where's Wally, but there were others hidden in the cities, and we think we've now rooted them all out!

We start with the famed nanny Mary Poppins, who waves at us from outside Cardiff's Millennium Centre.

Another literary character, Sherlock Holmes, welcomes you to Cambridge. Sherlock is looking especially feminine today...

Another traditionally male role is the beefeater, the ceremonial guards of London Tower, but outside Birmingham's Selfridges building we are greeted by a female beefeater.

Hmm, is it just me or do all three of these girls look remarkably similar?

Meanwhile in London, everyone's favourite bear greets you to top tourist destinations.

Paddington Bear is simultaneously outside the British Museum, Trafalgar square, Portobello Road and (of course) Paddington Station!

Over in The Netherlands, it's down to Google Street View's own mascot, Pegman, to hide in the images.

Pegman was following the camera car around with his assistant, who we can from the side angle trying to hide behind him.

Elsewhere, we spot him again after just jumping out of the parked blue van.

Of course we aren't sure that all the plants have been found... have you seen any unusual characters on your local Street VIew? Let us know in the comments or via Twitter.