Point Roberts

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Point Roberts, Washington, USA, is a small seaside community with just under 1,500 residents. It boasts a small main street, 2 gas stations, and one supermarket. What makes this village unique is that by virtue of being on a 4.9-square-mile peninsula, its only border is with Canada – and is completely isolated from the rest of the United States.

Pt. Roberts, WA

An unforeseen side-effect of the 1846 Oregon Treaty, life in this U.S. exclave moves at a much slower pace than on the mainland, but at the cost of some major conveniences. Residents of Point Roberts have to drive over an hour and through two international border crossings just to see a dentist, seek medical attention, or even go to school past the 3rd grade!

Located only 30 minutes outside of downtown Vancouver, Point Roberts is also popular with vacationing Canadians for its relatively inexpensive real estate.1

border crossing

Despite its isolation from the rest of the country, this bastion of United Statehood actually has its own border crossing (pictured above) and is the self-proclaimed "greatest gated community in the United States". Though, if you think about it, isn't it just like a small Alaska?2

There's more about Point Roberts at Wikipedia.

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  1. The entrepreneurial-minded also visit for the cheap gasoline and relaxed Sunday Shopping laws. ↩︎

  2. Alaska being a slightly larger exclave. ↩︎