Opinions on Google Street View

Monday, 3rd November 2008 by

With the recent launch of Google Street View for Spain and Italy the locals have been debating whether or not they think it's a great mapping tool, or an evil invasion of privacy.

This first guy loves Street View, and wants to give the passing car a great big hug. Awww.

In Italy there's a whole family of Street View fans, all happily waving for the camera.

These guys can't quite decide what to make of the Street View car, so much so they haven't noticed the reversing car about to run them over.

However, this moped driver who is following the car is certainly not impressed.

Finally, these 7000 Spanish fisherman hate Street View so much they've organised a mass protest1!

On the whole, it seems that the public are happy to welcome Google into their cities, but only time will tell how well the service is received as the inevitable privacy concern stories come to light.

  1. Not really, this protest was held in May this year against rising fuel costs. ↩︎