Shinkansen Bullet Train

Thursday, 28th July 2005 by

Here you can see the unmistakable 'noses' of a couple of Japanese Shinkansen Super Express trains, although you might know these better as 'Bullet Trains'. Their nickname is well deserved however, as they regularly run at speeds of 300 kilometres (185 miles) per hour... and they actually plan to increase that speed to 360 km/h!

Woah, that's a whole heap faster than Scotrail ever gets 😉

Can anyone find one of the Doctor Yellow trains which they use for testing the tracks? They shouldn't be that difficult to spot (being that they're bright yellow) but there's only ever been 5 of them, and they generally only run at night...

There's loads of really interesting stuff about this incredible feat of engineering over at Wikipedia.

Shinkansen Train Bullet Train

Thanks to Flo, and me 😀