The Great Wall of China

Thursday, 21st July 2005 by

It's a very common misconception that the great wall of china is the only man made object visible from space (sometimes others say from the moon, or from a satellite). Apparently the rumour started long before anyone had even been to space to check and in fact you can see a lot more man made objects than just the great wall (otherwise this website would be quite dull!).

So here it is, part of the great wall of china. Not very exciting is it? If you don't believe me this Space Radar Image from NASA confirm that this is indeed a bit of the great wall (bear in mind that the NASA image is slightly rotated).

You can scroll east or west to follow the wall's path, it goes on for 3,946 miles so you'll probably get bored before it runs out 😉

Thanks to LJS for the links