Rio-Niterói Bridge

Wednesday, 7th September 2005 by

This is the Rio-Niterói Bridge, which connects Rio de Janeiro with Niterói in Brazil. Built between 1969 and 1974, this gargantuan structure is over 13 kilometres long (8.25 miles) and is a record holder for the size of it's central space - the highest in the world at 72 metres (Wikipedia page).

Rio-Niterói Bridge Close Up

At one point the bridge touches down on an island, and there's also a great curve in the bridge as it passes into Rio.

Rio-Niterói Bridge Curve

The bridge carries approximately 230,000 vehicles each day, and you can see the large queue of cars waiting to pay their toll in Niterói (and also a very cool spaghetti junction awaiting them on the other side).

Toll Bridge

Thanks to Fabiano Limeira, Thiago M. F., Halio Freitas, Wilson Baptista Junior, Abrico Panaro and Rob Marshall.