Slide & Splash and the Mystery Bridge

Tuesday, 20th September 2005 by

Whilst I was in Portugal, we crossed this very pretty bridge, just east of Portimão, on our way to Slide & Splash (I suppose we probably crossed it on the way back too, but I was fast asleep). The thing is, my Google powers appear to be failing me, as I can't seem to find out anything about it... I'm sure you guys can help me though, right? 😀

Anyway, we had an excellent time at Slide & Splash, which isn't the biggest water-park in the world, but was great fun regardless 🙂 The best ride was definitely 'Banzai', which you can see running from west to east through the park. It's basically a straight run down an open pipe, face-first on a mat, and when you reach the bottom the aim is to skim the surface of the water as far as you can go. Our technique rocked! Slide & Splash have an official site where you can check out all the rides if you're planning a visit.

Slide & Splash

Thanks to Kerry for coming with me 😀