The Y Bridge

Tuesday, 2nd October 2007 by

Zanesville in Ohio claims that their Y-bridge is "the only Y-shaped bridge in the world!"

Now in its fifth incarnation, the bridge spans the Licking river to the West and the Muskingum river to the East. Allegedly this makes the Y-bridge the only place in the US where you can cross a bridge but stay on the same side of the river.

Hang on, Ohio actually have another Y-bridge! Not too far from Zanesville, the Akron Y-bridge is where two roads come together to share a bridge. Officially titled the "All-American Bridge", its other unofficial title is sadly the "Suicide Bridge".

Uh, hang on again. The "Galena Y-bridge" in Galena, Missouri has been closed to vehicles since 1986 (when a new bridge was created to the North), but nevertheless it's still a Y-shaped bridge. In this case the Y-shape was created to allow traffic heading East across the bridge to go either North or South, as heading straight on would involve driving straight into the side of a mountain...

More info on the Y-bridges in Galena, Akron and Zanesville.

Thanks: onTypes