Steel Dinosaurs

Wednesday, 22nd February 2006 by

G J Oliver's Industrial Steel factory has a collection of unusual pets in the back garden; giant Steel Dinosaurs. Under the order of Mr Oliver himself the prehistoric creatures are created in spare moments by company employee Woody Hauser, who bases the design on rubber dinosaurs provided by his boss.

So far the collection is made up of a T-Rex to the East, a Apatosaurus (the correct name for what we like to call Brontosauruses) to the West and between them, just a little to the North, a caveman. (These ground level photos also show a Triceratops somewhere in the area, but I can't spot it in the satellite pic).

The models take about 6-9 months each to design and build yet Mr. Hauser is expecting to continue production for as long as there's slow days at work.

Thanks: Alex