Maho Beach & Princess Juliana Airport

Wednesday, 2nd August 2006 by

Pictures of Maho Beach on the Dutch Antilles island of St Maarten have been cropping up on the net for years - usually with people claiming them to be the result of a photoshopping competition.

You see, the island is so small that the main runway is right next to Maho beach and jumbo jets have to fly in very low over the beach to make sure they can stop before the end. This results in holidaymakers having huge airliners just metres over their sunbathing - here's a bunch of such pictures, none of which are photoshopped.

A lot of plane buffs also hang out on the beach and there's good videos on YouTube of many planes landing and the beach being blown away as a plane takes off.

Thanks: Andrés Muñiz & Babaganoosh