Site News October 06

Friday, 27th October 2006 by

Off the Map Ships Early have sneakily begun shipping the US version of our book, Off the Map – The Most Amazing Sights on Earth as Seen by Satellite a week before the official release date of November 1st. There's not much info on the Amazon page so far, but we've provided some better info, a quick background on the authors (complete with picture!), and also some sample pages on the Google Sightseeing Book Page.

The UK version, Not in the Guide Book – The wackiest sights in Google Earth, as seen by is still set for release on November 9th 2006. Again, see the Book Page for more information.


We've booked a venue for the Book launch party on November 10th, and we'd love to meet any of you who happen to be in the Edinburgh area that night! Just get in touch and we'll send you an invite.

Fix, Feature

We recently fixed a long-standing bug of which we were unaware, that prevented some people behind proxies (AOL users for example) from being able to visit the map page or view Google Earth links. If this has affected you then please accept our apologies, and give it another go!

If ever you do encounter errors or misbehaviors on this site, then we'd love to hear from you - either via a comment on any post, through the contact form, or email james @ the domain of this site - we'll always try to get bugs ironed out as soon as we can.

Lastly, a new feature: You can now view sights posted in a comment directly in Google Earth! Click on "Google maps link" in a comment, and then choose "View in Google Earth" in the sidebar of the map page.