Making Room In Tokyo

Friday, 15th December 2006 by

With a population of around 35 million people, Tokyo is officially the world's most populous metropolitan area. As there's so little space to go around, the people of Tokyo have to be a bit inventive with where they put things...

For example, here's an Adidas branded football stadium that's been assembled on top of a building. It was featured in the Fast and the Furious 3 (apparently... has anyone actually seen that movie?)

Meanwhile (reminding me a lot of New York's 77 Water Street Biplane), an 'Electronics school' has parked a small plane on their roof. Google Earth Forum member DJJackD visited the plane (which is held down with ropes - presumably to stop someone flying off in it ;-)), but didn't manage to find out its origin... Can anyone out there fill in the blanks?

Thanks to Max and DJJackD & Lrae of the GEC.