Merry Christmas (and Peace on Earth)

Friday, 22nd December 2006 by

For the GGSS team (and many other people), today is the last working day before we get to take some much needed time off for Christmas.

So in the only way we know how (and with the help of a field in New Zealand), we'd like to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas!

Things will be quiet around here for a little while, as we both intend to take a few days off, spend time with our families, exchange gifts, stuff ourselves silly, and stand about in front of the TV swinging our arms manically!

But don't despair loyal readers! We'll doubtless be back for a few posts before the New Year, and until then (whether you celebrate Christmas or not) I'm sure you'll agree with the admirable sentiments of another nearby field.


Have a great festive season everyone!

Thanks to Stephen Maslin.