African Village in Belgium

Friday, 12th January 2007 by

On the day this image was captured there was something slightly unusual going on in this derelict factory in Brussels, Belgium. Inside the walls of the roofless building, there's some tents and several lorries, a Helicopter, and... an African village?


How do I know it's an African village? Well, it transpires that on this very day the abandoned factory was actually being used as the set for a TV advert - an advert which features a man being chased through an African village by a helicopter! Here's a direct link to the 6.8MB Quicktime movie of the ad.

belgianmovieset5.jpg belgianmovieset3.jpg

Spot the same car in both shots!

The tents and lorries to the west are presumably for the cast, crew and equipment and I suspect that the walled factory was chosen because it would hide Brussels from sight of the cameras perfectly. Suddenly it all makes sense!

Thanks to Romanov (via