Site news: NY Post & Your Message Here!

Tuesday, 23rd January 2007 by

Today's New York Post features an article on Google Sightseeing with excerpts from our recent book, Off the Map: The Most Amazing Sights on Earth as Seen by Satellite.

If you've arrived here today via the article then a very warm welcome to you! We have hundreds more fascinating things to see in our archives, and you can get your daily fix of new sights by subscribing to our RSS feed.

In other news, Google have just announced that to celebrate Australia day they've arranged a photography flyover of Sydney harbour, the results of which will be integrated into Google Earth and Google Maps. The best thing about this is that Google have a tracker which enables you to work out when the plane will be overhead... yes Sydneyites, this is finally your chance to be posted on!

So if you're in Sydney this Friday, why not organise yourself and some friends to spell out a message? Virtually anyone who writes a legible message will be guaranteed to be featured on the site - but why not show us some love, and spell out "Google"!

Thanks to Google Maps Mania for the tip.