1,000 Posts Later

Thursday, 1st February 2007 by

Today we’re celebrating, as this post right here is the one thousandth post on Google Sightseeing!

We’re commemorating the event in three ways…

1. We’re re-launching our Google Earth Network Link, which has been less than functional for a few months now. Along with a re-development of the underlying system we’ve added custom placemark icons and a secondary feed which features only the most recent entries, so you can always see what’s new on Google Sightseeing from within Google Earth.

You can sign up to the Network Links on our brand new Tools page.

2. We’re launching a new blog! Rotacoo is the parent company of Google Sightseeing and the new Rotacoo blog is where Alex and I will be posting news, ideas and rants related to anything we like including Google Sightseeing, Google Earth, WordPress, Web programming, design and the price of cheese.

3. Stats! To start off the Rotacoo blog we’ve looked at the Google Sightseeing stats for the last two years and added up all the numbers. Read the whole entry over at Rotacoo.