Will You Marry Me?

Thursday, 15th March 2007 by

Here on a rooftop in Des Moines, Iowa we find the messaage "Becky will U marry me? Chris". Now we don't mean to be cruel, but we're hoping that Becky went with "No".

You see, as we've previously defined, here at Google Sightseeing we have a set of strict rules about when someone should accept a marriage proposal from Google Earth1.

Of our rules, the single most important question is this: did your prospective partner bother to spell the out the word "you" in full? If they couldn't even be bothered putting in the effort to do just two more letters, then... well, you know what to do 😉

Thanks: Mental Floss via Google Earth Blog.

  1. Mind you, if you happen to be an inanimate computer program and Google Earth ever gets down on one knee... we'd advise a definite "Yes" - that boy is a popular download! ↩︎