Thelma Will U Marry Me?

Monday, 6th November 2006 by

Here at McAllen-Miller International Airport, Texas, someone has asked Thelma to marry them by writing an enormous proposal along one of the airport's access roads.

However, I half hope that Thelma declined this particular offer, on the the grounds that if the potential suitor couldn't be bothered writing the word "you" in full, then they weren't worth marrying. They also very annoyingly switched to lowercase letters in the middle of a word!

thelmawillumarryme1.jpg thelmawillumarryme2.jpg

Of course this isn't the first marriage proposal that's been found on Google, but it definitely is the most ambitious - the proposals to D by person unknown, Melissa by Uxmal, and of course the one done by the unnamed person who wasn't even sure who they wanted to marry, are all far smaller.

Of course if anyone were to actually adhere to my newly-invented "guidelines for acceptance of aeroplane-visible marriage proposals", then only Melissa would have accepted, as Uxmal is the only suitor to have not switched case incorrectly or leave out any letters. Good work Uxmal, but perhaps you should go a little bigger next time.

marrymed.jpg uxmal.jpg marryold.jpg

Thanks to William Collins, philverney and doc0829.