World’s Largest Marriage Proposal

Wednesday, 6th June 2007 by

Here at GGSS we've previously featured rooftop and field-based marriage proposals which, for some unknown reason, are highly likely to feature misspellings or bad grammar.

So we're very pleased to see that the latest finding, the words "Marry Me Tammy" written in a field, do pass our strict criteria for aerial-based marriage proposals. Congratulations!

However, some may call the suitor (a man named Brian) a cheater: he enlisted outside help to create his proposal! The giant writing was actually written by mapping specialists GISmatters for the reality television program 'Perfect Proposal'.

The 100-foot high letters, claimed to be the World's Largest Marriage Proposal, were revealed to Tammy from the window of an aeroplane back in 2004.

Thanks: Brian