2006 Lebanon War

Tuesday, 5th June 2007 by

Update: Google Maps has now been updated with the latest images, so will look the same as Google Earth

During last year's war in Lebanon between Hezbollah and Israel, excellent Google Earth news site Ogle Earth mentioned that Google would "soon" be updating the images of Lebanon, but were keen to stress that this was not side-taking on the controversial conflict.

However, for some reason these images did not appear in Google Earth and Lebanon appeared as pre-conflict up until the most recent image update just a few days ago. Google Maps has not yet received the same image update, so until it does we can use the two sources to compare areas before and after.

Central Beruit, Before:

Central Beruit, After:

Runways at Beirut International Airport, Before:

Runways at Beirut International Airport, After:

If you zoom in on the runways you'll also see that they're busying repairing bomb craters:

The full story of the conflict is, of course, on Wikipedia.