SXSW 2006

Friday, 10th March 2006 by

Today sees the start of the very fashionable South by SouthWest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately none of us at GGSS Towers are going along to give a talk or see a band or anything. But we can of course post photos of the Austin Conference Center where some of the events happen. There are other nice sites in Austin, the capitol building is pretty impressive and was puposely built to be 14 feet taller than the Nation's Capital in DC. The Congress Avenue Bridge is apparently home to the world's largest urban bat population. You can't see any bats of course in the daytime photo so you'll just imagine them all, lurking under there...

We hope everyone who is attending the conference has a great time.

austin conference centre austin capitol building

Thanks: Cos, notmrjohn & Bryan Grudowski