Face of [Insert Your Own Messiah] Found in [Insert Your Own Natural Phenomenon]

Monday, 30th April 2007 by

Free UK daily paper The Metro published an article last week about a YouTube video1 in which someone claimed to have found the shape of Jesus in a cloud, floating over Mount Sinai in Egypt.

We thought this was such a blatant (and totally lame) rip-off of our own Face of Jesus Found in Sand Dune that we'd better up the ante!2

First in Utah, we find a terrifying looking skull face... choosemessiah1.jpg

Then in Nevada, we've got a Blues Brothers style one-eyed alien... choosemessiah2.jpg

And finally in Kenya we've got... the Rock Eater Biter from the NeverEnding Story!


How long before the Metro steals this story I wonder?

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Thanks to Jayden Brown, Vaughn Nelson and cruzito.

  1. Unfortunately The Metro decided not to bother linking to the actual video or the Google Map, so I've yet to locate either! ↩︎

  2. Funnily enough, the list of related stories on that Metro article features three of our stories! (1, 2, 3↩︎