Inappropriate Images In Street View

Thursday, 31st May 2007 by

In the comments on our last post one of our readers posted a link to this, er, revealing billboard advert parked in front of the Bellagio, Las Vegas.


Which of course raises a question about the suitability of these images to be seen by anyone who stumbles across them. On a regular Google search, you'd have to edit your preferences to turn off SafeSearch, but there's no way to filter the images in Street View. Additionally, these pictures feature real people, their houses, their cars, and their cars' numberplates. And none of these people gave their permission before these things were posted online.

It turns out Google have clearly though of this already - if you click "Street View Help" in any Street view window, you can read the following message:

Report Inappropriate Image
Google takes concerns about its services very seriously. Please use the link below to report concerns about an inappropriate street view.

Thanks to EAF and Chris DiBona.