Love Land

Tuesday, 14th August 2007 by

This is South Korea's infamous Jeju Loveland, an outdoor sculpture park on Cheju Island, which is based entirely around the theme of sex.

The park's website describes it as "a place where sexually-oriented art and eroticism meet". Which means that what you can see in our thumbnail is exactly what you think it is.

There's 140 sculptures here mostly representing couples in various sexual encounters, although only one or two of the bigger ones are visible here due to the fairly low resolution of the satellite shots. Therefore, I feel it is my duty to provide you with links to the official Jeju Loveland website, a gallery of photos from ground level, and another gallery with shots of some different sculptures.

Although it should probably go without saying, please bear in mind that all three of those links are quite probably Not Safe For Work!

Read more at Wikipedia if you dare 😀

Thanks to Anon!