Tonight’s Dinner

Thursday, 6th September 2007 by

For tonight's dinner we're following what might well be the world's largest recipe - as it's written in large type all over the surface of Google Earth.

To start with, on the coast of Nova Scotia a vineyard uses the fields to do more than grow the grapes - they also advertise wines and their website.1

So we've got some wine. Next, if you happen to be driving down this motorway on the Danish island of Zealand, and feel a little peckish, you can stop off and buy some peas from the top of the hill.

You'll know when you're at the right place by the giant advertising for "Ærter" (that's Danish for peas), but it sometimes it says "Æbler" instead (apples).

Lastly, a roof in Columbus urges us to "Eat Trout". Clearly not a trout farm, from what I can gather the building is (or at least was), some sort of night club - so perhaps it's just a public service announcement?2

So there we have it, a complete meal in Google Earth: fish, peas on the side and a glass of wine! But can anyone find me some dessert?

Thanks to Greg_Yetman, sladys and Dave Collins

(This post was updated 8th September to correct the location of the peas. Thanks to those in the comments!)

  1. Hang on, is that not spam? ↩︎

  2. The Trout Association claim all sorts of wonderful benefits from eating the fish. ↩︎