Secret Swimming Pools

Monday, 12th November 2007 by

As it's home to the 509th Bomb Wing, operators of the very distinctive wing-shaped B2 stealth bombers, it should be easy to spot a B2 at Whiteman Air Force Base. Unfortunately, we're not in luck today, as browsing around the base it appears that none of the bombers are on show.

But wait! We can now exclusively reveal that to maintain their magic-stealthy-ness the bombers are actually stored in... er, swimming pools?

OK, maybe it's just a picture of a bomber painted on the bottom of the pool.

However, Alan Turnbull (no relation) reports on his Secret Bases website that earlier this year the image of the pool in Google Earth was obscured.

There's no word on why it's now been reverted, but I'm sure you crack-pot theorists1 can come up with all sorts of ideas as to why this swimming pool is a matter of national security.

What's definitely not a matter of national security, is this swimming pool in Germany. Left to right this swimming pool features the children's TV characters Gary the Snail, SpongeBob SquarePants, Squidward Tentacles, Sandy Cheeks & Patrick Star.

Thanks to Simon Brennan, Gearthhacks and kjfitz

  1. Of course, I say this in the most endearing way possible, I love crack-pot internet theorists and their wacky ideas. ↩︎