Art, Or Freaky Coincidence?

Monday, 10th December 2007 by

We get lots of submissions from people who claim to be able to see faces, animals or even aliens in the natural landscapes of Google Earth, but often the images are so open to interpretation that we unfortunately can't see what it is that our readers are seeing.

On the other hand, when we're sent something that's clearly recognisable, in virtually every case the sight has been man made. So when we received this submission that bears an undeniable1 resemblance to the profile of a face in a field in Ohio, we initially assumed this was the work of a particularly adventurous crop-circle artist.

On closer inspection however, this face might not be so obviously man-made. Are the "eyes" actually islands of trees? Is the "mouth" just a naturally darker patch of ground? And yet, the "chin" must surely have been created by a trail left by a tractor, right?

So whilst it's possible that a farmer was getting creative, we think the most likely explanation is that this is just a particularly freaky combination of natural formation and man's influence, which is playing on our natural predilection to assign meaning wherever we look.

Still, it does look an awful lot like a face.

Thanks to Jennifer.

  1. Or is that just us? ↩︎