The Mysterious Abandoned Pod City of San Zhi

Friday, 4th January 2008 by

On the very northernmost coast of Taiwan lies the spookily bizarre San Zhi resort, which consists entirely of circular, multi-coloured pods stacked on top of one another. Furthermore, these strange habitats have been completely abandoned for a number of years, and are slowly rotting away into nothing.

One story says that the project had to be abandoned after several fatal accidents occurred during construction, and according to local rumours, this ghost city is now haunted by those who died building it.

There seems to be very little actual information about these buildings available online (at least in English), but they may have been built by the government in the early 80s "in an attempt to position this as a luxurious holiday location for the rich of Taipei". The concept behind the strange design might have been that they could expand the buildings vertically as required, simply by adding more pods on top.

Whatever the truth behind this mysterious place, make sure you check out these stunning HDR photographs of these utterly weird buildings.

Thanks to Chris Case and James Boorman-Padgett.