Mystery Military Satellite Calibration Test Card?

Wednesday, 19th March 2008 by

Alan Turnbull (no relation) contacted us to tell us about his bizarre find at RAF Feltwell in Norfolk, England, which at first glance looks like it might be the world's most complicated sports pitch.

But what is it really? RAF Feltwell is currently used by the United States Air Forces Europe, and Alan suggests that this could be some sort of satellite calibration test card for the US 'Son of Star Wars' missile defence programme!

Naturally a MoD spokesperson quoted in The Metro newspaper suggested that this is simply a "motorcycle range"1, but interestingly there are another two of them side by side at the absolutely massive US Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia2.

Alan's website has more details on various crazy conspiracy theories, and the Metro went with the "proof of aliens" headline - so we're left without a definitive answer so far. What do you think these things are for?

  1. Whatever that is. ↩︎

  2. It's the world's largest Naval Station in fact, occupying 17 square kilometres. ↩︎