St Patrick’s Day

Monday, 17th March 2008 by

The worldwide celebration of Ireland's patron saint, St Patrick, has almost always been held on the 17th of March. This year, due to Easter arriving unusually early, the Catholic Church decided to move St Patrick's day so that it didn't take place during "holy week".

This year's celebrations were moved to the 15th of March, meaning that in time-honoured Google Sightseeing tradition (even when taking into account our unique time-zone arrangements), we've totally missed it1.

Regardless, here is the shamrock-shaped maze near Dublin airport which we had lined up for today.

However for once we're not alone - although many cities did spend Saturday celebrating with parades, green river dye and large quantities of Guinness - New York and Dublin steadfastly refused to budge, and their celebrations will also take place today!

Luckily March the 17th doesn't again fall in holy week until 2160, so none of us will have to worry about it ever again.

Thanks to Fergal ohagan.

  1. Google Maps covered all the options - celebrating for the whole weekend by dressing up the street view guy as a little leprechaun↩︎