Put Your Hands Behind Your Head!

Friday, 11th April 2008 by

Reaffirming my belief that the most interesting things happen when the Street-view car is around, today we can see a man getting arrested in Tampa, Florida, or at least having his back pockets searched in a rather heated way.


The cause of the arrest is unknown, but seated behind the patrol car are two white sacks which clearly weren't there when the police officers arrived!


Sadly the word 'SWAG' is not visible on either, so we may have to discount bank robbery in this case. Nevertheless, this alleged crime must have been serious enough to warrant a full shake-down by the (frankly rather unfit looking) cop duo. Which might explain why they seem to have called backup to help deal with this particular miscreant...

In the past, the street-view car has captured what looks like breaking and entering and even a drug deal in action.

Thanks to streetviewfun.

Update: Google has since removed this imagery.