Google Attempts Vehicular Assassination

Wednesday, 20th August 2008 by

As the Google Street View car drives down this small Parisian side street, we can see an approaching Rollerblader, glancing down the street at the oncoming car.

However the sight of the massive camera mounted to the roof must have shocked the balance out of him, as our rollerblader pirouettes to his knees right in the middle of the road, directly in the path of our oncoming vehicle!

The crash to his knees must have been quite dramatic, as the people on the pavement have heard what happened, and we can see that they've turned to see what's going on. But with the Google car careering towards him, is it going to be lights out for our poorly-balanced hero?!

Fortunately for everyone involved, the Google Car must have slowed in time to save his bacon, as in the next frame our hero is safely on his way down the street - presumably hoping to hell that the Google Camera wasn't recording when he fell on his ass right in front of it...

This isn't the first time someone has been captured falling off their wheels in front of the watchful Google Street View eyes, but it is the first time Google has tried to flatten the unfortunate person altogether.

Presumably the evidence will be removed any second now.

Thanks to Street View Fun.