Island Week Image Update

Monday, 8th September 2008 by

Last week was our our third annual Island Week, and we had another fascinating week! This year even more of you than ever sent in brilliant islands for us, most of which we simply didn't have time to post.1 Here's the full roundup of what we did:

Apparently the guys over at Google enjoyed Island Week too - as they chose today to provide us with a huge collection of brand new imagery - meaning we'll have lots of new things to see during next year's Island Week.

Frank at the Google Earth blog is posting an ongoing roundup of the new imagery as it's discovered, but so far updates have been found in the following countries:

Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Greece and the Greek Islands, Italy, Japan, Laos, Mexico, Phillipines, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, US, Vietnam

Updates are visible in Google Earth only so far, but will be visible in Google Maps within the next few days, whereupon you'll have no excuse not to be the one who makes the next big Google Earth discovery... Now go! Fame awaits!

  1. If you'd like to help us clear our backlog of submissions, why not apply to become a Google Sightseeing staff writer? We'd love to welcome some new faces aboard, as it means more posts for everyone! ↩︎